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Homespun Farm - Haunted Bed and Breakfast



Homespun Farm is in Griswold, Connecticut, about an hour east of Hartford.

Guest Rooms:

Two rooms are available at this Connecticut bed and breakfast.

Web Site:

From Innkeeper Kate Bauer:

My husband and I both experienced the same feeling and vision while outside working the orchard and blueberries. The funny part is we didn't tell each other about it when it happened.

He came in one day (about a month or so after I had my experience) and told me of his -- same man, same watchful feeling. A "guiding spirit" we call him, Old Man Simon we found out later. How did we find out? We described this man to a guest staying with us who brought pictures of Simon. She showed us the pictures only after we described him. He was one of the original owners of this 260-year-old home.

We have also felt Mrs. Brewster here. She is more of a watchful spirit in the house. We hear her walking up the stairs at night sometimes. It’s never a scary feeling, more of a peaceful "tucking in" of sorts.

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