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Inn on Main Street - Haunted Bed and Breakfast


Inn on Main Street

Inn on Main Street in Weaverville, North Carolina, is a haunted bed and breakfast.

Photo courtesy of Inn on Main Street


Inn on Main Street is in Weaverville, North Carolina, about 20 minutes north of Asheville.

Guest Rooms:

Seven rooms are available at this North Carolina bed and breakfast.

Web Site:

From innkeeper Dan Ward:

I won't say our inn is haunted. I do think it's peculiar that on our first New Year's Eve we heard pictures fall off the wall twice, then never found anything that had fallen, and also heard someone open, then close the back door. And nobody was there.

Last New Year's Eve, we were out taking pictures of guests at a party we helped sponsor at a nearby lodge. This year we plan to be here at the stroke of midnight to see if the ghost comes back.

Our house was built 100 years ago by a doctor. There's a blood stain under the tiles in a bathroom that was once part of his operating room and lab. It wouldn't sand out. We know at least one person has died in the house.

But we also had a couple stay here who were very religious and prayed for an answer on whether evil lingered in the home. The answer came to them in a shared vision: Nothing but good energy fills our house. We invite guests to share that good energy and try to connect with souls who have passed on.

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