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Thornewood Castle - Haunted Bed and Breakfast


Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle

Photo courtesy of Thornewood Castle


Thornewood Castle is in Lakewood, Washington, about 15 minutes southwest of Tacoma, Washington.

Guest Rooms:

Nine rooms are available at this Washington bed and breakfast.

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From Innkeeper Deanna Robinson:

Chester Thorne was the builder of Thornewood Castle, and he has made appearances to several people over the years. Our gardener sees him, and I have had my own run-ins with him for several months now. I cut off the lights in his former gentlemen's smoking room, go back to cut them on -- and a light bulb has been unscrewed while I am the only person in the house. This happens frequently and is quite annoying.

One day I said, "OK, Chester, I know you're here. Leave me a note. I'm tired of screwing in the light bulbs." The light bulbs stopped being unscrewed for two weeks, and it only happens now when I'm doing something he doesn't like or something he is especially pleased with.

Some guests have seen Anna, Chester's wife, sitting in the window seat of her room overlooking the garden. Some have claimed to see her reflection in her original mirror in the room she occupied, which is also our bridal suite.

The son-in-law of the Thornes shot himself in the gun closet of the house, and his ghost has been seen.

We had a blind lady stay on the third floor recently who claims the house is full of angels and "she should know." She said there is wonderful good and beauty in the house and a lot of love.

The Stephen King miniseries Rose Red was filmed in Thornewood Castle. The six-hour miniseries first aired in January 2002. Not based on a King book, the miniseries is a pre-accident script he was working on. They located our property through the Washington State Film Office.

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