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How To Get Away From It All at a Bed and Breakfast


When you go on vacation, sometimes the last thing you want to do is remember the worries you left behind. Use these tips to help achieve a stress-free getaway!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 1 weekend

Here's How:

  1. Try to visit somewhere that's at least one area code away. Being too close to home could mean the things you see when you drive around will remind you of what you're trying to temporarily leave behind.
  2. Choose a location that fits your vacation style -- a city if you need to keep busy, the country if you like to slow down.
  3. Think about the size of the bed and breakfast before making reservations. Would you rather be the only guests in a very small inn or get lost in a crowd of dozens of guests in a large inn?
  4. Let the innkeepers know why you're coming. Many will put in a litle extra effort to help make your stay even better.
  5. Make sure your significant other knows that work-related conversation is off-limits for the duration of the getaway.
  6. Leave behind your cell phone, BlackBerry, and even your laptop computer. Do it on purpose -- or 'accidentally' if need be. If you just can't leave them behind, maybe you can ask the innkeeper to hide them!
  7. Bring along a personal project. Something you've wanted to finish for a long time (a book, cross-stitch project, etc.) is perfect.
  8. Bring a board game or two, or a deck of cards, in case it rains and you wind up stuck inside.
  9. Ask the innkeeper about romantic packages. Even if it's not your honeymoon or anniversary, many inns offer special packages for romantic escapes.


  1. Remind yourself that everything at work (or at home) will go smoothly without you.
  2. Afternoon naps can be quite effective at shutting out the worries of the world.

What You Need

  • The right attitude.

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