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Why Stay in a Bed and Breakfast? - B&B Basics - Bed and Breakfasts
The bed and breakfast industry began to blossom in the U.S. during the 1980s, and B&Bs thrive today in large part because they provide an atmosphere of ...
FAQ - Bed and Breakfasts - Frequently Asked Questions
A FAQ all about bed and breakfasts, answering frequently asked questions about B&Bs. ... Bed and Breakfast Basics. What is a bed and breakfast? How does a ...
Decisions to Make Before Starting a Bed and Breakfast
These important decisions need to be made before you open the doors to your bed and breakfast.
The Duquesne House Bed & Breakfast Patagonia, Arizona ...
The Duquesne House B&B Basics: Address: 357 Duquesne Avenue, Patagonia, Arizona 85624. Phone: 520-394-2732. E-mail: TheDuquesneHouse@hotmail.
Worksheet for Aspiring Innkeepers to Run a Bed and Breakfast
A self-administered quiz designed to help you understand if your strengths and weaknesses are suited to being a bed and breakfast innkeeper.
Will You Make Money Running a Bed and Breakfast?
Many people say the financial benefits are one of the reaons they want to open a bed and breakfast. It's probably not realistic to expect to earn your entire living ...
How to Become a Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper - Bed and Breakfasts
Many people are interested in opening their own bed and breakfast. However, often those who dream of being an innkeeper are unprepared for the challenging  ...
B&B.com's Basic B&B Tips - Bed and Breakfasts - About.com
For some, a bed and breakfast is a natural when they travel while for others it's an entirely different world of which they know very little. For those travelers ...
Best Bed and Breakfast Amenities - Bed and Breakfasts - About.com
"One thing my guests comment on are the closets." So began a thread in the About Bed and Breakfasts Forum titled, "amenities to make guests feel pampered .".
What Is a Bed and Breakfast? - Bed and Breakfasts - About.com
Answer: At the most basic level, a bed and breakfast is place -- often found in a renovated home, mansion or small hotel -- to spend the night and enjoy a full ...
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