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Innkeeper Interviews

A collection of exclusive interviews with professional bed and breakfast innkeepers from around the world. They discuss their inns, their region, and their reasons for getting into the innkeeping business.

Interview: Winding Way
The Winding Way Bed and Breakfast in Rockland Maine, might be small with only two bedrooms, but it’s big on history and character. For starters, its half inn and half art gallery with a selection of watercolors on display (and for sale) from the owner Anne McMath and other local artists. And back in the 1880’s it used to be an ice cream parlor -- and guests can still be treated to ice cold creamy treats by the innkeepers. The inn just opened in January of this year, so I checked in with Anne to see how Winding Way came to be.

B&B-time Story
Even though I’ve been an innkeeper myself, every once in awhile, I’ll come across a B&B and think: “I wonder what led them to that?” This recently happened with Casa Farolito, which first caught my attention because of their free “welcome margaritas” on arrival, but then kept my interest because of the location in Mexico.

I Do
For some innkeepers saying "I Do" to the idea of hosting weddings sounds like a nightmare scenario. For others, like Pat and Tony Goetz at The Casistas Estate on the Central Coast of California, hosting weddings came as naturally as love between newlyweds. In this interview they share the secretes of their success.

Interview: The Ranch at the Deerborn
An interview with Rich Hayes, innkeeper at The Ranch at the Dearborn in which we discuss the challenges of operating an inn in a remote area.

Going It Alone
Bed and breakfasts are most often run by a couple. Some however, make a go of the innkeeping lifestyle on their own which presents its own unique sets of rewards and challenges as we see in this interview with Vikki Woods from the Iron Mountain Inn.

Something's Cooking At Hamanassett
An interview with the owner of Hamanassett B&B about the challenges and rewards of opening a cooking school at an inn.

The "Art" Of Two Careers
An interview about having two careers at an inn with Jan and Bruce Garrabrandt, owners of The Artists Inn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Sandy Shore (Part I)
We check in with two innkeepers whose B&Bs survived Hurricane Sandy at the Jersey Shore, and despite the odds, are ready to receive guests this summer.

Snady Shore (Part II)
Part II in an article that checks in with two innkeepers at the Jersey Shore whose inns survived Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

My Bed and Breakfast
Innkeepers describe their bed and breakfasts and why they became innkeepers. See submissions

It's a Tough Job...
An interview with Sandra Soule, a writer who focuses on bed and breakfasts.

Becoming Innkeepers Through the Back Door
An interview with Art Oswald, innkeeper of Old Carriage Inn in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Thomas Shepherd Inn
An interview with the innkeeper of the historic Thomas Shepherd Inn Bed and Breakfast, built in 1868 in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Blazing Trails in Casper, Wyoming
An interview with Don and Sherry Frigon, innkeepers of Durbin Street Inn in Casper, Wyoming.

Staying in Utopia
An interview with Taydie Drummond, innkeeper of A. Drummond's Ranch Bed and Breakfast near Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Boat and Breakfast in San Francisco
An interview with Jack and Gayle Carpentier, innkeepers at the MV Athena in San Francisco Bay.

Running a B&B in Adventurers' Country
An interview with Chuck and Fern White, innkeepers of Adventurers' Country Bed and Breakfast 15 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Healthy and Natural by Design
An interview with Marc Haberman, innkeeper of Natural Bed and Breakfast in Tucson, Arizona.

Quintessential Vermont Inn
An interview with Gretel Schuck, innkeeper of The Pond House in Woodstock, Vermont.

Innkeeping as a Post-Retirement Career
An interview with Bill Wickman, innkeeper of Cottonwood Cottage Bed and Breakfast in Salem, Oregon.

Five Questions with Mary White of BnBFinder.com
What did it take to foresee the potential of something called the Internet? And how do you marry a traditional industry with an emerging technology? Mary White knows. She was there.

Innkeepers: Take Time For You
Any innkeeper will tell you that running a bed and breakfast is a 24/7 operation. With constant demands, how do you save your sanity – and your relationships? Innkeepers have some secrets.

PAII’s Annual Convention In Little Rock = Big Impact
The Professional Association of Innkeepers International’s annual conference is the largest and, perhaps, the most essential learning opportunity for experienced and aspiring innkeepers. PAII president and CEO Jay Karen describes why you should attend.

Meet The Innkeepers: Barbara and Jim Smith
Any innkeeper will tell you that breakfast table conversations are the most fascinating and rewarding aspect of doing business. If you stay with Jim and Barbara Hearn at the Holly Tree Manor Bed & Breakfast in Trenton, Tennessee, the conversation will be very entertaining, indeed. Why? Because Jim was in the CIA and, back in 1956, Barbara was...

Meet the Innsitter: K.C. Worrall
Interim Innkeepers – also known as Innsitters – may be the unsung heroes of the profession. Stepping into the spotlight when an inn’s owners need a break, they have to be quick studies to understand the intricacies of each bed and breakfast and perform tasks that took owners years to perfect. In this ongoing series, you’ll meet innsitters from...

Meet the Innkeepers: Frank Salvo
What kind of background does a person need to start a bed and breakfast? Frank Salvo has proven it doesn’t have to be in hospitality. It can even come from a hospital. As long as you have the desire, vision, and the dedication to do the work and obtain the training, you can run a bed and breakfast. Here’s how he did it.

Meet the Innkeepers: Rick Litchfield & Bev Davis
Long before most of us knew what a B&B was, Rick Litchfield and Bev Davis were on their second decade as innkeepers. In 1978 they opened the Captain Lord Mansion Inn & Spa of Kennebunkport, Maine and have long outlasted the fabled “seven-year itch.” Indeed, they are still going strong at their 20-room AAA Four Diamond inn. If you’re looking for...

Meet the Innkeeper: Fran Ambroselli
Most innkeepers are familiar with the “seven-year itch” – the amount of time it takes to satisfy the urge to own and operate a bed and breakfast. After that, the inn is for sale and a new life begins. That is unless you’re Fran Ambroselli and you really, really enjoy being an innkeeper. Then, not even a fire can stop you.

Pastoral New England Inn
An interview with Roger and Linda Cole, innkeepers of Brookside Meadows Country Bed and Breakfast in Middlebury, Vermont. Since this interview, the Coles have retired from innkeeping.

Life in the Inn at Mt. Hope
An interview with Marilyn Fiedler, innkeeper of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire's official bed and breakfast in Mt. Hope, Pennsylvania.

Notes from an Innkeeper's Journal
An interview with the author of Notes from an Innkeeper's Journal, a book about the life of a bed and breakfast innkeeper.

Living in a Painted Lady
An interview with Sherrie Hansen, innkeeper of Blue Belle Inn in St. Ansgar, Iowa.

Natural Born Innkeepers
An interview with Steven and Suzanne Savlov, innkeepers of Peacock Hill Guest House in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Designing a Dream B&B (Part II)

Designing A Dream B&B (Part III)

Guest Post: A Look Back (Part I)
Michelle A. Neita, of Neita's Nest in Jamaica reflects on her life as an innkeeper.

Guest Post: A Look Back (Part II)
Michelle A. Neita, of Neita's Nest in Jamaica reflects on her life as an innkeeper.

Is it time to spruce up your small talk? (Part I)
We all know that guests want nothing more than for us to talk about our innkeeper experiences, talk about our area, and talk about themselves.That’s the normal drill, here’s a way to enliven those subjects just a bit and not get tired of hearing yourself, or your spouse/partner, recite the same three stories over and over again.

Is it time to spruce up your small talk? (Part II)
Innkeepers the world over often have to answer the same questions, over and over, from guests the world over. And they have to do it with style, grace and patience while trying hard not to reveal the chronic fatigue (and sometimes frustration), that comes with a never-ending daily dose of making small talk!

What Ive Learned From Different Types Of Hosting
Former innkeeper Diane Curry takes a look at learnings from across the spectrum of guest-hosting experience she's had over the years.

What I've Learned (Part II)
Former innkeeper Diane Curry takes a look at learnings from across the spectrum of guest-hosting experience she's had over the years.

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