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BnBFinder.com Chooses Five Quirky Inns

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There are approximately 17,000 inns in America and while they all share the classification bed and breakfast, not one has an identical twin. From urban inns to country farms; from Victorian, Queen Anne, Italianate, Art Deco and more, B&Bs come in all shapes and sizes. Five of the most unusual were chosen for their “inn-herent quirkiness” and promise of delivering a one of a kind travel experience. You’ll find connections to each at BnBFinder.com

1. Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort

courtesy Featherbed B&B

The next time you travel by train, you can pay a little extra for a sleeper – or you just roll into Nice, California, and hang loose in a caboose. The Featherbed has nine caboose cars, each unique with themes such as Orient Express, Easy Rider, and Casablanca. Step up to the Tropicaboose which features a second-story cupola with seating for two. When you’re done luxuriating in your whirlpool tub (a real train can’t even do that!), meander down to the shores of Clear Lake for some boating and fishing.

2. Thyme for Bed

At first glance (and certainly second, third, and fourth glances), this is one of the most unusual looking B&Bs you’ll find; almost like a Star Wars home from the Planet Tatooine. But in Lowell, Indiana, engineer Donald Bainbridge and his wife, Sherryl, built this three-room domed B&B that, surprisingly, has a very traditional interior. Even if it’s tornado season you can rest easy know that the concrete and steel shell can withstand winds up to 300 mph. On nicer days you can enjoy horseback riding on ten acres of countryside.

3. The Cajun Village Cottages

A Southern architectural style, shotgun shacks were simple to build and relatively easy for hardscrabble families to afford. Here in Sorrento, Louisiana, several have been updated and decorated with authentic antiques and furnishings for overnights, and the neighboring village offers the chance to shop for pottery, antiques, and artwork. Drop in for breakfast at the Coffee House. FYI: The name “shotgun shack” derives from the observation that if you pulled the trigger on a shotgun at the front door, the blast would sail through the house and exit out the back.

4. Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise Bed & Breakfast Inn

Oregon happens to be one state where residents truly appreciate the beauty of nature, and that love affair is on full display at one of the most interesting B&Bs in America. Three carefully crafted treehouse units place you well above the madding crowds and in the middle of sounds of silence. If you’re not content just to sleep in a tree, this Cave Junction inn also offers recreational tree climb – day and night.

5. Schooner Manitou

One of the most picturesque areas of America is Traverse City, Michigan, and facing the town are the sparkling waters of Grand Traverse Bay. On these waters sails a mid-1800s style windjammer with twelve cabins that accommodate 24 guests. That evening on the water you’ll sleep in built-in bunks or head topside where you can tuck into a sleeping bag for a night under brilliant stars. Come sunrise and a full breakfast awaits, all cooked on a woodburning stove.

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