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Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort - Takilma, Oregon



Takilma, Oregon, which is about 3 hours and 15 minutes south of Eugene, Oregon, and about 2 hours and 15 minutes north of Redwood National Park in California.

Guest Rooms:

At Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort, 13 accommodations are available, some of which have room for only two guests and some of which can handle four or more adults comfortably. (One, the Calvaltree, has room for up to seven guests.) At 37 feet high, the Treezebo is the highest accommodation. Three "satelitte" treehouses are also available on nearby properties.

Price Range:

Rates range from $130 to $240 per night. Rates change depending on the season, and some rates also vary depending on the number of people staying in a particular treehouse.


In season, a full breakfast is included in the price at this treehouse bed and breakfast. During the off-season, a continental breakfast is provided.

Special Features:

Some of the treehouses have very modern amenities. The Treeroom Schoolhouse Suite, for example, includes a refrigerator, microwave oven, and an antique clawfoot tub with a shower. The Mastree Bedroom boasts stained glass windows, a king bed and a full bathroom. Many of the treehouses, including the Swiss Family Complex and the Serendipitree, are multi-level.

Web Site:

More About Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort:

Treehouse tours (unoccupied units only) are available to non-guests, and a giant zip line is available on the 36-acre property. Other available activities include horseback riding, rafting, crafts classes, swimming, and more.

Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort provides courses on treehouse construction, and every Columbus Day weekend they host the annual World Treehouse Association convention. Other classes, such as map reading and water hydraulics, are also available.

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