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Top 5 Bed and Breakfast Cookbooks


One of the best reasons to stay in a bed and breakfast is the delicious and unique breakfasts you get to eat. These cookbooks include recipes from professional innkeepers so you can recreate their magic touch right in your own home.

1. The American Country Inn and Bed and Breakfast Cookbook

This cookbook is filled with about 1,800 recipes from bed and breakfasts all over the U.S. and features a convenient index organized by main ingredient. The wide variety of recipes covers every meal, although the focus is on breakfast and brunch.
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2. Specialties of the House

At 610 pages, this cookbook is packed with breakfast recipes. Though organized by state, there's an index in the back to help you locate meals by either title or main ingredient. Each featured inn submitted one to four recipes.
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3. The Bed and Breakfast Cookbook

Particularly nice for brunch planning, this cookbook also features at least once recipe from each of the 50 states.
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4. Breakfast in Bed California Cookbook

This cookbook lists 120 recipes from California bed and breakfasts. "I've never had one recipe fail," gushes a reviewer at Amazon.com. Another says, "I love this book!"
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5. The Low-Fat Bed and Breakfast Cookbook

Some bed and breakfast cookbooks don't worry much about the fat content of their delicious recipes. This cookbook is the exception -- 300 recipes which won't destroy your diet, submitted by North American innkeepers.

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