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Bed and Breakfasts Recommended by Guests

Bed and breakfasts personally recommended by visitors to this site. It's hard to top personal recommendations -- so these inns are among the best of the best.
  1. Canada - Recommended (12)
  2. International - Recommended (3)
  3. Midwest US - Recommended (2)
  4. Northeast US - Recommended (1)
  5. Southcentral US - Recom. (10)
  6. Southeast US - Recommended (28)
  7. Southwest US - Recommended (10)
  8. West US - Recommended (23)

Inns That Give Back
If you are regularly involved in charity or volunteer work, you might prefer to spend your vacation in an inn which shares your passion for doing good or which organizes special events in support of good causes. Here is a short listing of a few who disclose the charity they support.

I Recommend This Bed and Breakfast
Travelers share thoughts on their bed and breakfasts they recommend to other travelers. See submissions

Resources for Bed and Breakfast Newbies
Are you new to the world of bed and breakfasts? Get off to a good start with these resources for bed and breakfast newbies.

Why I Stay in Bed and Breakfasts
Readers talk about why they love to stay in bed and breakfasts, despite the many other accommodation options available in most locations.

Recommend a Bed and Breakfast
Tell the world all about your favorite bed and breakfast. Your submission will help other travelers find the perfect getaway. Complaints and warnings can also be posted.

Best Bed and Breakfasts in the United States
The best bed and breakfasts in the United States, as chosen by voters at BedandBreakfast.com.

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