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Secrets of the Innkeepers - Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Tips you can use in your inn - or your home!


"What are your favorite cleaning products that work really well or make your life easier?"

What a great question to ask bed and breakfast innkeepers -- and one that everyone can use an answer to, whether you're an innkeeper yourself or just someone who would like to learn a few secrets from the professionals.

Here are some of the answers posted in our forum: "Simple Green (takes out a lot of stains on fabrics), almond oil, and yes, I love Murphy's Oil Soap! Also, a can of cheap hairspray to remove ink stains."

"I love Swiffers, and also the new Mr. Clean Eraser is wonderful. Just don't use it on any shiny painted surfaces. Dulls it out. I learned the hard way."

"The best cleaner I have ever used is called Krud Kutter."

"One cleaner I've found helpful on tough stuff is TSP (TriSodium Phosphate) which can be purchased at hardware stores. Be sure you get the real stuff as there's a TSP name brand cleaner which doesn't actually contain Phosphate so it doesn't work as well."

"I really like that Kaboom Cleaner."

"On toilets, I mainly use the pumice stone for hard water ring to keep it gone. Then just brush and NOW."

"I use regular Lysol cleaner for cleaning. I don't use the sprays because they make me ill - bother my chest. I buy a commercial product from Johnson and Johnson called "Crew" that is a soft scrub product and I use that on my showers, etc. once every two weeks. It really polishes them up."

"ZAP! I loved that stuff. It worked miracles on our tubs and tile."

"I use the Lysol tub and tile cleaner. It works well and I don't find there is any after-smell at all."

"I use vinegar in water for my tile floors; it is the only thing that I've found that doesn't streak up the tile. On natural stone like marble, I use a neutral cleaner that I found at Home Depot. A lot of cleaners are very damaging to natural stone. Use Murphy's on the wood floors."

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