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Tips for Aspiring Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers


Whether you own a grand Victorian mansion in a historic neighborhood or a newly built log cabin in the mountains, you may have thought about opening a bed and breakfast. Many people are interested in opening their own bed and breakfast. These tips for aspiring bed and breakfast innkeepers will help you decide if innkeeping is the career for you, and to open your very own bed and breakfast.

  1. Planning Your Career Change
  2. Buying a Bed and Breakfast
  3. Running an Inn
  4. Innkeeper Interviews

Planning Your Career Change

Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast

Deciding to become an innkeeper is not something you should take lightly. It's a challenging job that requires a specific set of skills.

Buying a Bed and Breakfast

Apple Tree Lane Bed and Breakfast

Essential information for anyone thinking about buying a bed and breakfast.

Running an Inn

The Gregory Inn, a bed and breakfast in Denver, Colorado.

Running a bed and breakfast seems deceptively simple, often because innkeepers are so good at it. These articles and resources will hel pyou understand just how challenging it can be.

Innkeeper Interviews

Stonehurst Place

Interviews with professional bed and breakfast innkeepers, including information useful to aspiring innkeepers.

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