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The Evolution Of An Inn

How Blue Moon Farm Grew Into The Sanctuary It Is Today


The Evolution Of An Inn
Courtesy Blue Moon Farm
Blue Moon Farm
4441 North Chapel Rd.
Franklin, TN 37067
Rates: $350-475

Blue Moon Farm is a private hospitality cottage for two, nestled off a country road outside of Nashville’s country music capital in quiet historic Franklin, TN. The area is notable for its rolling hills and horse ranches, and is a bedroom commuter community for many country music stars. Blue Moon Farm is a neighbor to George Jones, but it is it’s solitude, attention to personal comfort and discretion about privacy that has earned it a reputation among the celebrity cognoscenti as the place to go when you want to get away from it all.  

The evolution of the guest house as an exclusive hideaway was an organic process according to the Eidams. As they tell the story, they bought their farm with the intention of building a larger traditional inn in the New England style of their roots.  After a year of hosting friends and relatives in their single guest cottage, they decided to experiment with a B&B in this smaller setting before breaking ground. What emerged was a new intimate model they liked, and stuck with, abandoning the plans for a larger inn.   

Susan quickly understood that with a smaller inn, she was able to tailor the environment and experience for each guest specifically. “When you only host one couple at a time,” she says, “you can deliver this type of personal service. Every detail from food & beverage selection, to flowers to linen preferences can be attended to. I have always had a knack for listening to what people are really saying and understanding what they truly need. I get my creative fulfillment from delivering what they didn’t know they wanted and never knew to ask for, but I knew. That’s what makes me a professional host.”   

Word got around Nashville that somewhere out in Franklin was a hidden, unmarked, quiet little cottage with people who didn’t fuss about who your name was but who cared about your comfort and privacy and kept your confidentiality.  “It matters to me who people are, not what they do,” says Susan. “Rarely do people want to discuss their work when they come here so I don’t bring it up. Their persona, their public lives, that is what they come here to get respite from.”  

So who are some of the big names that have stayed at Blue Moon?  

“Often times, I don’t even know who they are,” says Susan. “I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that while I listen to country music, I don’t watch the videos so maybe I recognize a nice pair of boots and a fit body in great pair of jeans when someone arrives and I think 'hmm, that must be somebody I should know,’ but here in Nashville everybody is so regular you just hang out on the porch and talk like a neighbor.”  

When pressed further for the details of the rich and famous who’ve graced Blue Moon Farm, Susan’s answer is simple -- and the true secret to her success: “Everybody who stays in the Guesthouse at Blue Moon Farm is a VIP.”

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