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B&B Resolutions (Part 2)


In the first part of this article, we looked at various resolutions that can help make your stay at B&Bs in the coming year more enriching, relaxing and enjoyable: skipping breakfast; bringing along your dog; staying in an urban B&B; chatting up strangers; and taking a class or attending a special event. Here, we continue with five more resolutions guaranteed to make the coming year your best B&B year yet!

1. I will go to a B&B with friends.

B&Bs are often considered romantic destinations, best visited by couples. But going to an inn with friends can be an especially fun proposition as you all get to hang out in a splendid house with no worries about drinking and driving. In fact, you may want to consider renting an entire inn for a group of friends, such as the Inn at Wintersun near Asheville, North Carolina that gives you an enormous house on over 100 acres to call your own if you can get a group of about 10 people together. If you are going to rent an inn with a group, it’s best to plan ahead, as booking the whole house requires that there be no pre-existing reservations on the books. If you do decide to go to an inn with other people, don’t forget to tell the innkeepers. They can often arrange seats together at breakfast or reserve a common room for socializing.

2. I will post a positive B&B review.

Just like that perfect cup of coffee at a B&B, positive reviews are the fuel that can really keep an inn buzzing. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t post negative reviews if something is amiss with one of your stays, but in the same way teachers usually only called parents when kids are in trouble, it’s simply human nature to complain rather than to praise. So buck the trend in the coming year and, if you have an exceptional time at a B&B, take a few minutes to write about your experience on booking.com, TripAdvisor.com, Bedandbreakfast.com, or any of the other myriad lodging review sites out there. Or leave a note on the “B&B Recommendations” board on our forum. Any good feedback you leave is like giving your favorite innkeeper a big hug!

3. I will make a recipe from a B&B.

While it’s true that everything tastes better on vacation, you can enjoy a little of the B&B experience at home any morning you’d like by cooking up an authentic B&B recipe. Try any of the simple recipes listed here, or ask your innkeeper to share the recipe of your favorite dish, and you’ll not only be able to eat like you’re at an inn, but you’ll be able to try out what innkeeping feels like in your own kitchen! To make the experience even richer, set the table with your good china, light a candle and put on some of your favorite music. It’s a cheap and easy getaway in your own home.

4. I will go to an inn on a weeknight.

Speaking of cheap and easy getaways, why not consider going to a B&B one night during the week? For this mini-adventure, choose an inn that’s not more than a half hour from your home and bring everything you need to go to work the next day straight from the B&B. Booking a midweek stay will usually get you less expensive rates and let you avoid the two-night minimum policy inns have on weekends. Plus it’s a great way to recharge and throw a little variety in amidst the nine-to-five (or six, or seven) grind.

5. I will get someone a B&B gift certificate.

Know someone who had a particularly difficult year? Someone who went above and beyond helping a friend or family member? Or just someone who has a special event coming up? Get them a gift certificate to local bed and breakfast and you’ll likely be giving them exactly what they need: rest, relaxation, pampering and a chance to feel truly special for a night or more. Most inns sell gift certificates directly, or you could purchase a gift card through Bedandbreakfast.com and let your gift recipient choose their own getaway destination.

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