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A Five-Day Treehouse Stay in Anchorage, Alaska



A Five-Day Treehouse Stay is located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Inn Size:

One treehouse is available at this Alaska bed and breakfast, and the stay must be for five days and four nights.

Price Range:

$880 per person, which includes flights to and from the isolated location, lodging, meals, and a personal guide.


"Wholesome, delicious meals" are promised.

Special Features:

This getaway is almost the definition of "remote." To get there, you must fly from anchorage and land about two miles away, then wade through a large creek and hike to your destination. To leave, you need to raft five miles down the creek and hike to a larger lake, where the plane can safely take off with passengers.

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More About A 5-Day Treehouse Stay:

The accomodations at this Anchorage bed and breakfast are for two people, and both must be in fairly good physical condition. While you're in the treehouse, your host will be living nearby in a cabin. A 5-Day Treehouse Stay is open to guests only during the summer.

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