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Top 5 Unique Bed and Breakfast Getaways


Have you ever dreamed of sleeping underground? Or in a tree? The bed and breakfasts listed here give you those opportunities -- as well as the chance to sleep underwater, in a monastery, or in a jailhouse. These are some of the most unique getaways available to travelers anywhere.

1. Underground Bed and Breakfasts

Coober Pedy, located in the far northern outback of South Australia, is known as the opal capital of the world. One of Coober Pedy's most distinctive features is the fact that about half of the 3,000-person population lives in underground homes. If spending some time underground appeals to you, these bed and breakfasts may be just the getaway you're looking for.

2. Treehouse Bed and Breakfasts

Treehouse Cottages - Towering Pines Treehouse
Photo courtesy of Treehouse Cottages
Treehouses are the realm of children, right? Putting aside the Swiss Family Robinson, no adult would stay in a treehouse. Or would they? It turns out that treehouse accommodations, perfectly suitable for adults, are available in locations around the globe, from Alaska to Hawaii, from Turkey to Papua New Guinea.

3. Underwater Accommodations

Jules' Undersea Lodge
Photo courtesy Jules' Undersea Lodge
Sleeping underwater sounds like a dream. But modern architects have made this dream a reality, with several "underwater hotels" currently in the planning stages and at least one currently accepting guests.

4. Monastery Bed and Breakfasts

When you truly need to get away, no accommodation can promise silence and serenity like a monastery. Many monasteries offer guest rooms at reasonable rates, some for an offering of your choosing. Before you decide to stay at a monastery, be sure to read all of the available information -- these are not traditional bed and breakfasts. For example, some monasteries observe long periods of complete silence every day.

5. Jailhouse Bed and Breakfasts

Spending the night in prison isn't most people's idea of a romantic getaway, but the innkeepers at these bed and breakfasts are trying to change that. Each offers rooms for rent in a renovated jail.

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