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Bed & Breakfasts: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Top 5 Cookie Recipes from Bed and Breakfast...
Links to some great cookie recipes submitted by professional bed and breakfast innkeepers.
Want to Open a Bed and Breakfast? What to Think...
These important decisions need to be made before you open the doors to your bed and breakfast.
How to Make Money Running a Bed and Breakfast:...
How much money can you make running a bed and breakfast in your home? This article, written for aspiring B&B innkeepers, will help you understand the financial considerations.
Want to Start a Bed and Breakfast? First, Learn...
Bed and breakfast owners need to be aware of many laws and regulations. This page introduces you to some of the most common.
Estimate the Startup Costs for Running a Bed...
A simple worksheet designed to help aspiring B&B innkeepers identify the costs of starting a bed and breakfast.
Find Out if You're Ready to Open Your Own Bed...
A collection of checklists for aspiring bed and breakfast innkeepers. Links to information on startup costs, family considerations, zoning issues, etc.
How To Name Your Bed and Breakfast
Things that new innkeepers should consider before deciding on a name for their bed and breakfast.
Smart, Fast Ways to use Facebook to Increase...
You surely agree that Facebook is a great tool to keep in touch with friends, past guests and guests-to-be. Here are a few not-to-be-missed tips on how to use Facebook cleverly -- and without spending a penny -- to increase your guest contact and occupancy.
Your Guide to Monastic Guest Rooms in the US...
Staying in a monastery makes for a unique, quiet vacation. Plan your monastic getaway with these resources.
Do You Have the Skills to Be an Innkeeper?
A self-administered quiz designed to help you understand if your strengths and weaknesses are suited to being a bed and breakfast innkeeper.
Five Things Guests Do That Drive Innkeepers...
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Sugar Cookies with Options
A sugar cookies with options recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
9 Sky-High Treehouse Hotels
A look at treehouse accommodations, including some which are more than 50 feet off the ground.
Have You Heard About This Underwater Hotel in...
A look at Jules' Undersea Lodge, underwater accommodations you have to scuba dive to get into.
Tree Houses of Hana, Maui in Hawaii
A profile of Tree Houses of Hana, Maui, a unique bed and breakfast located in Hawaii.
The Tax Advantages of Owning A B&B
Owning a B&B not only brings many lifestyle benefits, it can deliver significant tax advantages as well. Here are several areas where you might be able to realize an advantage.
What is a Bed and Breakfast?
Some basic information on what constitutes a bed and breakfast, part of a series of worksheets for aspiring innkeepers.
Writing a Business Plan for a Bed and Breakfast
Developing a detailed plan for your bed and breakfast will help assure that you turn a profit. This worksheet will help you write a good business plan.
Marketing Your Bed and Breakfast
Tips for current and aspiring innkeepers on how to market your bed and breakfast effectively.
Zoning Issues for Bed and Breakfasts
A worksheet for aspiring innkeepers, designed to help you understand issues related to zoning for bed and breakfasts.
Before You Buy a Bed and Breakfast
Things you should consider before buying a bed and breakfast.
Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts - East Coast...
A look at bed and breakfasts in converted lighthouses on the east coast of the United States.
18 Castles You Can Stay In
Bed and breakfasts set in castles in the eastern United States and Canada.
The Reality of Starting a Bed and Breakfast
A look at the reality of starting a bed and breakfast, from the eyes of a professional innkeeper.
Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
A raspberry thumbprint cookies recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
How To Write A Successful Welcome Letter As An...
Writing a successful welcome letter is a great way to make every guest's visit more enjoyable both for them and you as an innkeeper!
Five Things Guests Do That Drive Innkeepers Crazy
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Top 5 Unique B&Bs in the Midwest United States
A look at the top 5 unique bed and breakfasts in the midwest United States.
Being a Good Bed and Breakfast Host
Thoughts on how to be a good bed and breakfast innkeeper, written specifically for aspiring innkeepers.
So You'd Like To Own A B&B?
Want to know what you'll be getting into when you own a B&B? Learn the main obstacles you'll encounter and the attitude you'll need as you begin your quest.
Groupon vs Living Social
How do the social media discount sites work for B&Bs? Some innkeepers wouldn’t touch the deals with a ten-foot pole, but others swear by them. See what innkeepers had to say about the cost – and the return.
Manhattan Bed and Breakfasts
Bed and breakfasts in Manhattan, including Chelsea, Gramercy Park, and Greenwich Village.
Top 3 Bed and Breakfasts for Guests with...
A look at some of the very best bed and breakfasts for guests with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).
Tori Spelling Becomes an Innkeeper
Information about actress Tori Spelling's bed and breakfast, Chateau La Rue, in southern California.
Top 6 Books for Aspiring Bed and Breakfast...
A look at the best books written for aspiring innkeepers, to help understand what goes into opening and running a successful bed and breakfast.
Food Service Requirements in a Bed and Breakfast
A look at the issues innkeepers need to consider when serving food in a bed and breakfast.
Pepper Kakar - Swedish Cardamom Cookies
A pepper kakar (Swedish cardamom cookies) recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Melting Moments
A Melting Moments cookie recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper in Hudson, Wisconsin.
More Tips for Being a Good Bed and Breakfast Host
Page 2 of a feature packed with tips for being a good bed and breakfast host, written specifically for aspiring innkeepers.
Baked Oatmeal
A recipe for baked oatmeal, submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Goose N Berry Inn Baked French Toast
A baked French toast recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Belgian Waffles
A recipe for Belgian waffles, submitted by innkeepers Betsy and Karol Paterman of the Glynn House Inn in Ashland, New Hampshire.
Coral Gables, FL: A B&B Kinda Town
Coral Gables B&Bs attract many leisure travelers looking for homey comforts, affordable accommodations, service with a smile, and warm Florida hospitality.
Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast - Haunted Inn
Information about the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts, a haunted bed and breakfast.
Strawberry Bread Recipe from Big Mill B&B
An ultra-yummy recipe from our friends at the Big Mill B&B in Williamston, North Carolina.
Reservation Software Reviewed by Innkeepers
We hear from three innkeepers about which reservation systems keep business buzzing along.
What is a bed and breakfast?
An answer to the question: what is a bed and breakfast? Part of a FAQ about bed and breakfasts.
Casa de las Flores
A profile of Casa de las Flores, a bed and breakfast in Ajijic, Mexico, including an interview with the innkeeper.
Innsitting - Becoming a Substitute Innkeeper
A look at the life of a professional innsitter -- what they do and how they do it.
Family Considerations in Running a Bed and...
A look at some of the family considerations which arise when running a bed and breakfast.
Sleeping in Former Slave Quarters
Bed and breakfasts at which you can sleep in former slave quarters in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina.
Becky's Raspberry Muffins
A raspberry muffins breakfast recipe submitted by innkeepers Becky and Charlie Mallar of The 1785 Inn in North Conway, New Hampshire.
Before You Buy Bed and Breakfast Gift...
Things you should consider before buying a bed and breakfast gift certificate.
Best Bed and Breakfast Amenities
A look at some of the fabulous amenities offered at bed and breakfasts.
Treehouse Cottages - Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Staying in the Treehouse Cottages in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, makes for a unique getaway.
Bed and Breakfasts for Sale - Best Listings
A list of the best online listings of bed and breakfasts for sale.
Top 10 Pet Peeves at Bed and Breakfasts
My top 10 pet peeves at bed and breakfasts, compiled by a traveler who loves B&Bs and always prefers them to motels.
Pineapple Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe
A delicious pineapple sour cream coffee cake recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies
A peanut butter oatmeal cookies recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Setting House Rules for Your Bed and Breakfast
Setting the house rules is an important step in preparing to open your bed and breakfast.
Top 5 Unique Bed and Breakfast Getaways
A look at the top 5 unique bed and breakfast getaways.
Pennsbury Inn - Walk-In Fireplace
The walk-in fireplace at The Pennsbury Inn in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Page 3.
Top 10 Myths About Bed and Breakfasts
A look at the top 10 myths about bed and breakfasts.
Rose Island Lighthouse
A profile of Rose Island Lighthouse, a bed and breakfast in Newport, Rhode Island.
French Lace Cookies
A French Lace cookies recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Mystic, CT: A B&B Kinda Town
Mystic boasts some of the finest bed and breakfasts in New England, many of which are housed in historic mansions which offer guests fascinating insights into the opulence and glamour of a bygone era.
The Good Side of Being an Innkeeper
Page two of an article about the reality of starting a bed and breakfast, written by a professional innkeeper. Page 2.
Christmas Gingerbread
A Christmas gingerbread recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Do Innkeepers Make a Profit?
Professional innkeepers discuss whether or not you can make a good profit running a bed and breakfast.
Historic French Quarter Homes You Can Stay In
Bed and breakfasts located in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
Ten Tips For Quicker Cleaning
A bed and breakfast is one of the few professions where the owner is usually the custodian. Keeping a clean house is a must, but cleaning must be done quickly to prepare for the next arrivals. Here are a few suggestions for keeping things tidy – and timely.
What Every Aspiring Innkeeper Should Know
Advice and tips for aspiring innkeepers, stright from the mouths of professional innkeepers.
Almond Crisps
An almond crisps cookie recipe submitted by the innkeepers at Ammonoosuc Inn in Lisbon, New Hampshire.
Why Stay in a Bed and Breakfast?
If you've never stayed at a B&B and wonder why they appeal so much to some people, here are the answers.
Author Nora Roberts' Bed and Breakfast in...
Author Nora Roberts (aka J.D. Robb) has opened Inn BoonsBoro, a bed and breakfast in Boonsboro, Maryland.
Million Dollar Bed and Breakfasts
An article about bed and breakfasts listed on the real estate market for more than $1 million.
Top 5 Bed and Breakfast Cookbooks
One of the best reasons to stay in a bed and breakfast is the delicious and unique breakfasts you get to eat. These cookbooks include recipes from professional innkeepers so you can recreate their magic touch right in your own home.
Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies
A brown sugar shortbread cookies recipe submitted by the innkeeper at Bedford Inn in Cape May, New Jersey.
Springtime Suet
A guest post from Chloe Tuttle from the Big Mill Bed and Breakfast who shares her recipe for a suet that can be made from ingredients most innkeepers already have on hand.
Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort - Takilma,...
A profile of Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort, treehouse accommodations in Takilma, Oregon.
Cedar House Inn & Yurts
Cedar House Inn & Yurts in Dahlonega, Georgia, is a unique bed and breakfast. In this interview, the innkeepers explain why they decided to offer yurts as guest accommodations.
Boat and Breakfasts - U.S. East Coast
Information about boat and breakfasts in Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.
I Do
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The World's Most Unique Bed and Breakfasts
A look at some of the most unique and unusual bed and breakfasts around the world. The list includes an enhanced treehouse, accomodations in a cave and much more.
Simple Ways To Impress Your Guests
Five small gestures that can make a difference.
6 Tips For Choosing The Right Reservations...
Good reservation software is as critical to the success of a B&B as comfy beds and scrumptious muffins. Here we take a look at six things you should look out for as you choose the system that will keep track of your bookings and guest data.
How To Pamper Your Guests at a Bed and Breakfast
Tips for innkeepers who want to pamper the guests who stay at their bed and breakfast.
Bed and Breakfasts in Manhattan
Bed and breakfasts in Manhattan, including Midtown, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side and Harlem. Page 2.
Haunted Bed and Breakfasts
Some of the most haunted bed and breakfast inns around the world.
Neita's Nest in Jamaica
A profile of Neita's Nest, a bed and breakfast near Kingston, Jamaica, including an interview with the innkeeper.
Dealing with Problem Guests
Not every guest is as concerned about your inn as you are. How do you handle it when guests treat your B&B like their private resort?
Bed and Breakfasts - Frequently Asked Questions
A FAQ all about bed and breakfasts, answering frequently asked questions about B&Bs.
Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts - Michigan
A look at bed and breakfasts in converted lighthouses in the state of Michigan.
Secrets of the Innkeepers - Favorite Cleaning...
A collection of tips on the best cleaning supplies, all from professional bed and breakfast innkeepers.
Luxury Bed and Breakfast Resorts - Luxury Inns
Here's a look at some luxury bed and breakfast resorts which offer three meals a day. They're great for getaways when price doesn't matter -- or just to dream about.
Lousiville, Kentucky, Bed and Breakfasts
Tips for travelers making a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, especially those who enjoy staying in bed and breakfasts.
The Seven Steps Of Writing A Business Plan
Before you can become an innkeeper, you have to buy an inn. As with any business, you’ll need a business plan to make sure that your dreams can become a reality.
Sleep in a Train Car
Bed and breakfast-style accommodations inside train cars in Colorado, Minnesota and Montana. Page 2.
Whose Job Is It? - Assigning Duties at a Bed...
A list of common jobs at a bed and breakfast in a worksheet format to help you assign family members to the tasks.
B&Bs North and South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A look at bed and breakfasts located north and south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
In The Zone: Is Your Dream Home Allowed To Be A...
For all hopeful innkeepers who think it’ll be a snap to convert a residential home into an inn: Do your homework.
Peppermint Cookies
A peppermint cookies recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
The Dream Begins - A Diary Written by an...
A first-person account of why one professional innkeeper decided to run a bed and breakfast.
Questions Answered I
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Boat and Breakfasts - Yachts and Houseboats
Information about boats and yachts offering overnight accommodations, similar to bed and breakfasts.
Quick Tips For Weaving A Practical B&B Website
In a few short years, printed brochures have given way to websites that have given even the smallest bed and breakfast worldwide exposure. But how do you get started on a design that separates a good website from a great one?
Words of 100: An e-Book Offers Advice for...
In your quest to own a bed and breakfast, you can take a lot of classes and ask a lot of questions – or you could have someone else do the work for you. ‘Words of 100’ is an e-book that offers the advice from 100 innkeepers across the nation – advice that can offer a shortcut to fulfilling your dream of owning an inn. And if you already do, there’s advice for you as well!
Castle Bed and Breakfasts in Europe
Bed and breakfasts set in European castles, both historic and modern.
Charleston Bed and Breakfasts - South Carolina
Bed and breakfasts built before 1905 in the historic Ansonborough and Business District neighborhoods of Charleston, South Carolina.
Adding Streams of Income
How can you make more money while keeping your room rates at a price that won’t drive away guests? As innkeepers across America have found, there are multiple ways to pair your talents with the resources of your bed and breakfast to generate additional income.
Key West: A B&B Kinda Town
With only a handful of hotels but dozens of idyllic, Victorian cottages and inns which have nice views of the ocean and lovely gardens, it’s easy to see why Key West gets our vote as one of Florida’s coolest B&B towns.
Norumbega Inn - Maine Bed and Breakfast
A profile of the Norumbega Inn, a castle bed and breakfast in Camden, Maine.
Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast in...
A profile of Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast in Farmington, New Mexico.
Top 5 Unique B&Bs in the Northeast United States
A look at the top 5 unique bed and breakfasts in the northeast United States.
Boat and Breakfasts - U.S. West Coast
A look at boat and breakfasts in California, Oregon and Washington.
Keeper's House Inn - Lighthouse Bed and...
A profile of Keeper's House Inn, a lighthouse bed and breakfast in Isle au Haut, Maine.
Virginia City, NV: A B&B Kinda Town
Virginia City’s bed and breakfasts are housed in historic buildings, where you will experience the warmth of the Old West in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.
Meet The Innkeepers: Daniel and JoAnna Jimenez
Innkeepers Daniel and JoAnna Jimenez approached their search for a bed and breakfast a little differently than most. They didn’t know they were looking for a bed and breakfast. But when they found a home with the right zoning in a residential neighborhood, JoAnna realized it was time to work from home and start a family. A year later, everything fell into place.
The Innkeeper's Diary
A collection of articles written by an aspiring innkeeper as she made the shift to professional innkeeper.
Kauai: A B&B Kinda Island
On an island where the hotel prices can often be as extravagant as some of the vegetation you’ll see blooming in the jungle, Kauai offers those of us on a more medium-sized budget the chance to stay at a B&B for much less.
Spring Cleaning For Innkepers
Innkeepers are no strangers to cleaning; most of us do some degree of it every single day. But as we emerge from the dark days of winter in the light of spring, it's a great time to get everything refreshed and a little extra sparkling. Here are a few tips to help.
Bed and Breakfasts with a UFO Connection
A look at bed and breakfasts with a connection to UFOs, including some located in and near Roswell, New Mexico.
The Castle Inn Riverside in Wichita, Kansas
A profile of The Castle Inn Riverside, a bed and breakfast in Wichita, Kansas.
Meet the Innkeepers: Rick Litchfield & Bev Davis
Long before most of us knew what a B&B was, Rick Litchfield and Bev Davis were on their second decade as innkeepers. In 1978 they opened the Captain Lord Mansion Inn & Spa of Kennebunkport, Maine and have long outlasted the fabled “seven-year itch.” Indeed, they are still going strong at their 20-room AAA Four Diamond inn. If you’re looking for the voice of experience, Rick Litchfield’s your man.
Cregg Castle in Carrandulla, Ireland
A profile of Cregg Castle in Carrandulla, Co. Galway, Ireland, a castle bed and breakfast which was originally built in 1648.
Stand Out: Bring Attention To Your B&B
Create A Degree Of Difference. Bed & Breakfasts.
Innkeeping in Utopia
An interview with the former innkeeper of A. Drummond's Ranch Bed and Breakfast near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Why Do Guests Cancel?
For innkeepers, a deposit is insurance that a guest will arrive. But sometimes you have to make a judgment call on whether a guest’s excuse for cancelling is worth a refund. Based on an open question that asked ‘Why do guests cancel?’, innkeepers offered their takes on the art and science of cancellations.
Cedar Creek Treehouse in Ashford, Washington -...
A profile of Cedar Creek Treehouse, a treehouse bed and breakfast in Ashford, Washington, not far from Mount Rainier.
1822 Bougainvillea House
A profile of the 1822 Bougainvillea House, a bed and breakfast in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
Bed and Breakfasts in the Falkland Islands
Bed and breakfasts in the Falkland Islands, one of the most remote destinations in the world.
Pennsbury Inn - Garden Room
The Garden Room at The Pennsbury Inn in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Page 4.
A B&B In A What?!
It’s easy to think that all B&Bs are simply old houses that have been restored and reconfigured to take overnight guests. But guess again! B&Bs are turning up in unusual, inventive places that offer travelers adventure, history and memory-making experiences. Here are four unique lodging options that have been cleverly and beautifully re-imagined and repurposed into stylish bed & breakfast inns.
We Are Open!
The fourth entry into The Innkeeper's Diary -- an inside look at the life of a professional innkeeper, written by Eleanor Ames of the Bluemont Bed and Breakfats in Luray, Virginia.
Twin Farms
A look at Twin Farms, a luxury bed and breakfast resort in Barnard, Vermont.
Meet The Innkeepers: Barbara and Jim Smith
Any innkeeper will tell you that breakfast table conversations are the most fascinating and rewarding aspect of doing business. If you stay with Jim and Barbara Hearn at the Holly Tree Manor Bed & Breakfast in Trenton, Tennessee, the conversation will be very entertaining, indeed. Why? Because Jim was in the CIA and, back in 1956, Barbara was dating an up and coming singer. His name was Elvis Presley.
Durbin Street Inn in Casper, Wyoming
An interview with the innkeepers of the Durbin Street Inn, a bed and breakfast in Casper, Wyoming.
Heceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats, Oregon
A profile of Heceta Head Lighthouse, a bed and breakfast in Yachats, Oregon.
Any Reservations About Taking Reservations?
Every innkeeper can share stories about the fine art of taking reservations. How much to take for a deposit, when to process the charge, creating a cancellation policy… While there’s no definitive reservation policy in the industry, there are some tips to know that will protect your profitably.
Herreshoff Castle Bed and Breakfast
A profile of Herreshoff Castle Bed and Breakfast in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
B&B Blog Central: October 27 Update
An inn’s website tells only part of the story. Visit this site to find connections to blogs created and maintained by innkeepers everywhere.
Cranberry Apple Bread
A cranberry apple bread breakfast recipe submitted by a professional innkeeper.
Treehouse Cabins at River of Life Farm in the...
A profile of The Treehouse Cabins at the River of Life Farm in Dora, Missouri, overlooking the North Fork River.
Running a Bed and Breakfast for Dummies
An interview with Mary White, author of Running a Bed and Breakfast for Dummies, and a brief review of the book.
To Every Inn, A Season
If you're thinking about opening a bed and breakfast, one of the things you'll want to keep in mind is seasonality. My inn was located in an area of the country
Garden Oven Omelet
Omelets are those things you make in a pan, right? Not necessarily says Susan Steffan at the Farmer's Guesthouse B&B. The oven can help you cook up some delicious egg dishes, as we see here with this recipe.
Will we have our own bathroom?
An answer to the question: will we have our own bathroom at a bed and breakfast? Part of a FAQ about bed and breakfasts.
JailHouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in Preston,...
A look at the JailHouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in Preston, Minnesota.
Interview: Winding Way
The Winding Way Bed and Breakfast in Rockland Maine, might be small with only two bedrooms, but it’s big on history and character. For starters, its half inn and half art gallery with a selection of watercolors on display (and for sale) from the owner Anne McMath and other local artists. And back in the 1880’s it used to be an ice cream parlor -- and guests can still be treated to ice cold creamy treats by the innkeepers. The inn just opened in January of this year, so I checked in with Anne to see how Winding Way came to be.
How To Bring Children to a Bed and Breakfast
Practical tips about bringing your children to a bed and breakfast. It's different than taking them to a hotel, so be sure to plan ahead.
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